Color Detection using Pandas and OpenCV

pip install opencv-python numpy pandas
  • — main source code of our project.
  • Color.jpg — sample image for experimenting.
  • Colors.csv — a file that contains our dataset.
import argparse
ap = argparse.ArgumentParser()
ap.add_argument('-i', '--image', required=True, help="Image Path")
args = vars(ap.parse_args())
img_path = args['image']
#Reading image with opencv
img = cv2.imread(img_path)
#Reading csv file with pandas and giving names to each column
csv = pd.read_csv('colors.csv', names=index, header=None)
def draw_function(event, x,y,flags,param):
if event == cv2.EVENT_LBUTTONDBLCLK:
global b,g,r,xpos,ypos, clicked
clicked = True
xpos = x
ypos = y
b,g,r = img[y,x]
b = int(b)
g = int(g)
r = int(r)
def getColorName(R,G,B):
minimum = 10000
for i in range(len(csv)):
d = abs(R- int(csv.loc[i,"R"])) + abs(G- int(csv.loc[i,"G"]))+ abs(B- int(csv.loc[i,"B"]))
minimum = d
cname = csv.loc[i,"color_name"]
return cname
if (clicked):
#cv2.rectangle(image, startpoint, endpoint, color, thickness) -1 thickness fills rectangle entirely
cv2.rectangle(img,(20,20), (750,60), (b,g,r), -1)

#Creating text string to display ( Color name and RGB values )
text = getColorName(r,g,b) + ' R='+ str(r) + ' G='+ str(g) + ' B='+ str(b)

#cv2.putText(img,text,start,font(0-7), fontScale, color, thickness, lineType, (optional bottomLeft bool) )
cv2.putText(img, text,(50,50),2,0.8,(255,255,255),2,cv2.LINE_AA)
#For very light colours we will display text in black colour
cv2.putText(img, text,(50,50),2,0.8,(0,0,0),2,cv2.LINE_AA)


#Break the loop when user hits 'esc' key
if cv2.waitKey(20) & 0xFF ==27:

Output Image




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